Skin I’m in 2

Dirty little white girl

All you believe of me

Dirty little white girl

Swinging from the trees

Nothing but a liar

Nothing but a fake

Nothing but a moldy little bitch that you can’t wait to break

Call me all these names

Label me as you feel

I’m just a dirty little white girl

Cause my brown doesn’t matter here

Send me to the front

Fight your battles when I’m worthy

But once it’s done

Send me home and tell them that I was worthless

Waste your time and mine

Make me feel like I am not right




Just a dirty little white girl worth nothing

My suffering is all my fault

I laid with master you see

But master doesn’t love me

Just left me to bleed

Stupid trash no one attempted to grieve

Dirty little white girl floating to and fro

Where do you belong little girl?

Cause I don’t rightly know

 Your brown doesn’t matter here

You are not like the others

One of a kind

Pretend to be one of those brown fellows

But that’s not who you are inside

How did you get so lucky

Speech so pretty 

Face so greedy

Sit here little white girl

And let me show the world how I love to help those who are needy
Just a dirty little white girl

That’s all you see

A dirty little white girl

Swinging from the trees

My brown doesn’t matter here

Cause it’s not what you believe

So I must he a dirty little white girl

That no one bothered to grieve. 

Bathroom break

Sorry, sorry, someones in here

Please leave I will be just a minute

Wait outside while I wipe

Flush the toilet

And wash my hands

Thank you sir for waiting there

Oh excuse me, excuse me

Trying to get through

My daughter here is behind me to

Sorry sir say that again

Did you just say you wanted us to stay in

No sir, please sir, that’s not nice

My daughter is here and that just  isn’t right

Please sir MOVE

Let us through

We are done sir just let us go

Please sir stop grabbing me

It hurts so bad

My daughter watching

Just let us go, I won’t get mad

Won’t call the cops

Just play it off as a joke

Please no, NO Noo stop!!!!

Please kind sir that hurts so much

Turn your head baby please don’t watch

This man is sick



Please sir, please. You have call for help

It hurts so much

I am in hell

My blood is covering my daughters hands

Please kind sir..she just doesn’t understand
Oh god my baby







Run baby RUN!!

Step aside and think of it no more.

Sorry baby girl, mommy is now labeled a whore

12 months have passed since that faithful day.

12 months have passed since you ran away

Please stop crying hun

Mommy is sorry for dying

No more nightmares my love

I did my best

Protected from monsters

Tried to jest

Go to sleep, I will watch you, cover you back

Just remember baby girl

Never go to the bathroom alone

It is not safe.

Simpley tame

No one left to feel the pain

Death won but alone must dig their graves

Grace has fallen

Broken wings

Trying to bring back 

Corrupted lost beings

Save the day

No one left to feel betrayed

Angels watching but can’t lend a hand

Death alone to make amends 

Pray for soul solemnly 

It has ended all but one

Strive to feel holy grace

Only death to share loves embrace.

Let’s go HOME


Smile for me…

Please, just one last time Smile For Me!!!


Oh God I can’t do this anymore

Can’t be this alone

Always by my side

Why did you have to die

Please wake up 

Oh Please wake up

All my sins

I will give them up. 

Alone I stood or so I thought

When all along 

beside me you faught

You saved my life a time or two

Always was there

Why didn’t I know!!

Why didn’t I care

Just please oh please don’t leave me here

My best friend

My very best friend

Always with me…please don’t let this be the end

I love you and I am sorry so please

Wake up 

Oh Lord please wake up

Please don’t leave me to grieve. 

Tokyo Ghoul anime

Wake me up a little later prequel

This is a series all about smiles.

Haven’t you ever wondered why when a person dies that is all we ever talk about. How happy they where. How they smiled.

We are never allowed to talk about the bad. We guilt ourselves into only seeing the good. There are even times when we blame the who has people passed. Those are the times we hold no guilt at all.

Still there smiles are the last thing to fade from our minds.

Suicide, homicide, accidental death, dying from old age. They all smiled once.

We either pretend they where perfect or make a liar out of them.

Suicide victims should have spoken up, those who were murdered should be forgiven, people who died of old age should be praised, those who died from disease or accidents should be pitied.
We never give them their due.
Abuse should not be excused

Suicide should be mocked

Old age doesn’t make you an instant saint

Illness or unexpected deaths does not mean you are forgiven.
People can cause so much pain. They will not be loved by everyone. Sure there are those whose souls where grey but no except child are ever pure white.
I write these things for those who have lost their ways. Victims of abuse who were forced to keep silent.

Those who were bullied and had their  glossed over and forgotten.

Peoples who had their sins justified by an event we all go through.

This is for them all.

Prey and predator alike

I can only hope this helps people think.

Cause smiles are never what they seem.

Wake up a little later Pt2

Did you remember to smile today?

Place it gently on your face

Take a breathe

This is your chance

Make a believe 

It’s all in the past

Did you remember to smile today

As you clasp them in a blood filled embrace

Smile brightly 

Never let it go

Cause when you are gone

Your smile is all they will know
Bully me for a fee 

Don’t worry

I won’t tell the others of how you  made me bleed

I will hide it and let you smile

Beat me break me

They won’t know

Your smile is all they need to go on

Liars game 

Church halls fill

Pretending that your smile was real
~ He was so kind

Never a bad word

Always helpful

How could he go

He loved his wife

His children to

Such a sad place to me

Oh sorry for you~

They don’t know

They never will

Did you remember to smile today

Plaster it all over your bloody face

Don’t worry dear

These truths I would never spill

 Sealed inside me

Always silent 

Cause your smile

Was always so blinding.

Wake up a little later

Did you fake your smile today?

Wake up and had to remind yourself to put in on your face?

Did it stay that way?

Did you succeed in having people believing that you are ok?

Did you do it?

It is so easy to lie.

Those who die without a smile are only remembered for a little while.

But if you fake it you will see

Your smile is all anyone will be remembering.
~But she was always happy.

Never frowned

A kind word for everyone

How could this be

How did this happen

She was just a happy child

Carefree and full of charm

How did we not see this

Why didn’t she let us know ~

When you leave this world

A smile is all they will remember you for

So fake it everyday

Pretend it’s all ok

Never let them see you hurt

Never let loose those unkind words

Always always wake up and pretend

Cause in the end

That smile will be your only sin.

She couldn’t say the words



I would always love that way you smiled

I would have hoped to walk you down the aisle

Kissed you

Held you

Loved you forever

Treasured you always

The world is ours forever

But I wasn’t given a choice

Given a chance

Instead you choose to hold his hand

Kiss his lips

And hold him close

Forced to watch

As you walked away

I could have loved you forever

I still do

I still wish you would let me comfort you

Let me cherish you

Forget all the lies

Let me be the one to wipe the tears from your eyes

I could have given you forever

God! I still want to

But you chose him over me

Decided he was the one

Didn’t give me a chance to make you smile

Left me for him because it was considered normal

I still love you

I always will

Just wish you could have said the words

You always told me you could feel.


**A/N This is a work in progress. I find that I have two seperate poems in this but they go hand in hand. I want to publish it anyways and if anyone has any suggestion go fix it, feel freel to tell me. ***

Lost inside the passion
Hidden beneath a silence 
That is where you will find me
Counting all my lashes
Life gave me regret
A beautiful gift indeed
Father never cared
Mother never believed
But I can fight the darkness
Before it  can consume
I can fight the hate 
Used to build this room
Caught up in the cross fire
Of what I  was to be
Never did they imagine
That I would attempt to break free
Mommy never knew me
Daddy never tried
 Just to consumed by their own lies
Hidden behind the passion
Lost in this deceit
Wonder if they will try to follow
Once I truly break free
~I grew from what was expected of me
Started to spread my broken wings
Father never bothered to know
At least it never truly seemed so
He will never know how he lost me long ago
Mother never could show
What was truly in her soul
All she saw was the past 
She will never know that she lost me long ago ~
Mother never knew me
Father never tried
To caught up in their own lives
But soon they will see who I was meant to be
I wonder if they will be surprised


Letters in her blood

She is full of love

Questions never told

Cause she is afraid of what they say 

Instead she smiles

Whispers silent like

Coveres up with blackened wings

All the things that were meant to stay dreams

This is not all what it seems

This is not what it was suppose to be

Question held closely

Answer only with doubt

Try to hold on only

She can’t help but want out

Her demons scream her name

Confuse her into going insane

Still she goes on living

Goes on believing that all will be ok

It is not a lie she is wishing

But a faith not held by most

She is but a dreamer

Not tempted by her ghost.