I keep it on my sleeve knowing it will bleed

I think that comforts me, this pain.

When the world is going to hell and people are stuck in themselves

Who would dare to listen to a Brown girls words?

When so many aren’t speaking loud enough

To drown out the voices of the dead

So I hold it to my chest knowing it will die

Because it comforts me, reminds me I’m alive

A poem in the ER

debased by the mongrels son

of which there is no other

his greatest sin was loving me

as i laid with his white brother

such improper etiquette

requires the stealth of a lover

the mongrels son knows not what ive done

yet i taunt him sober

for i am his bride yet i cannot hide

my lust for the their power

Healing vibes.

Share a story that has hurt you.

Something that ripped you to tiny piece and made it as though you didn’t not think you would survive.

Share that story, leave out no details, because I have a feeling this will help you heal.

Realize how much you have conqured.

The painful memories you can’t bear to hold.

Just let them go.

Share me a story if your deepest fear. Tell it all and leave out no details.

We need to see we are not alone.

The Slaver Ring

See your brown skin amuses me

Brings tears into my eyes

It is cute how you struggle

It is cute how you try

Think the dirt can wash off

Think there is purity in your blood

To bad you will never came away from it

You will never be one of us

There is savage in your bloodline

A disease that can’t be cured

One of those disgusting creatures

That likes to pretend they are misunderstood

See your brown skin amuses me

Brings a smile to my face

It is cute how you think you are human

It is cute how you think you are safe

We will never allow you to wonder

Never allow you to be free

Your just another worthless mongrel

That just so happens to entertain me

A/N I hate the way this ends. I feel like there is more to say but for right now I will leave it be.

Skin I’m in 2

Dirty little white girl

All you believe of me

Dirty little white girl

Swinging from the trees

Nothing but a liar

Nothing but a fake

Nothing but a moldy little bitch that you can’t wait to break

Call me all these names

Label me as you feel

I’m just a dirty little white girl

Cause my brown doesn’t matter here

Send me to the front

Fight your battles when I’m worthy

But once it’s done

Send me home and tell them that I was worthless

Waste your time and mine

Make me feel like I am not right




Just a dirty little white girl worth nothing

My suffering is all my fault

I laid with master you see

But master doesn’t love me

Just left me to bleed

Stupid trash no one attempted to grieve

Dirty little white girl floating to and fro

Where do you belong little girl?

Cause I don’t rightly know

 Your brown doesn’t matter here

You are not like the others

One of a kind

Pretend to be one of those brown fellows

But that’s not who you are inside

How did you get so lucky

Speech so pretty 

Face so greedy

Sit here little white girl

And let me show the world how I love to help those who are needy
Just a dirty little white girl

That’s all you see

A dirty little white girl

Swinging from the trees

My brown doesn’t matter here

Cause it’s not what you believe

So I must he a dirty little white girl

That no one bothered to grieve.