Being me

Who am I?

What am I?

Stuck between worlds, it is easy to get lost; to forget oneself. To wonder hopelessly in a void wishing for just a tiny bit of light. A guide to show the path we are supposed to be on. Just…something stating that everything is ok…or will be anyways.

              “If you don’t break up with him, I will haunt you. I will not go away, and I will not give up. I will do everything in my power to ruin your life. I will tell your secret to everyone you meet. I will tell it to your bosses, your co-workers, and your friends. I will find everyone in your life, old friends and family, and tell them about you and where to find you. I will find hate groups and tell them how to find you. I will follow you, and I will do anything I can think of to ruin your life. I will set you up for shoplifting and assault. I’ll cut the break lines in your car. I’ll set up accidents involving the people you care about.”….

….“So what do you say?
-Excerpt from “Trans Shift: What Lies Beneath”, By Noah Harris

What do you say?

What do you say when someone forces your hand.  When someone tries to choose your life for you. Threatens everything in your life and what you stand for.  For their own selfish reasons and  desires, they won’t let you be.

What do you do when your back is against the wall?

Will you run and hide or will you stand and fight back against those who try to oppress you?

There are so many people in this world who go through this. Who suffer in this way. Forced to listen to those words and abide by them in fear that someone will follow through with it. They hide from themselves in others. Living in fear…in darkness surrounded by no one but those will never know the full truth.

Those who choose to fight sometimes fall. They are the ones with the most scars. They are the ones who tell the stories of lost loves. Of lost souls who were taken to soon.

A few are able survive with light in their eyes. A little more are able to stand side by side with those they thought would hate them. Still to many suffer. To many are forgotten. To many will never know if it truly gets better with time.
———-now for the show———

Noah Harris has delivered something interesting today. He showed us just how fucked up life can be. He showed just how human even the worst monster can seem. In this story I hated and I loved. John pissed me off at times but I knew why, I understood why he did and said the things he did. Even if he angered me I couldn’t really blame him. He was the hugest hypocrite, jumping to conclusions,but I understood. John was hiding, he was always hiding. He was so used to hiding that when it was time to tell the truth it was difficult. John wasn’t always John and it hurt.

Being transgender is not a choice. It is not a fashion statement. It is not a medal given to the edgiest person. It is a life full of happiness and pain. Of standing in the mirror and wondering if it is worth it. A life of fake smile and lifeless laughs.  Of constantly looking over your back and wondering if this will be the day when they have finally have had enough. If this outfit, or this color, or this word, or place, or this… or this… If this will be where I say my final goodbyes to the things I loved.

Tyler was pathetic at times. He couldn’t see what was right in front of his face. It drove me insane to read as he ignored all the signs that told him the truth about John. Tyler is a werewolf and should have been able to see it all. A blood thirty werewolf who would have killed to protect the one he loved. See Tyler always knew love. He hides a part of himself but was allowed freedom. He escaped with minimal scars when others had been driven out. He pissed me off so much as well but the thing about Tyler is his trust. He knew what the world had in store for him. He knew hate and conquered it before it ever came his way. He didn’t have fear in his heart. He wasn’t the monster most people thought it could be. He is a protector.

No one chooses to be gay. Being gay means potentially being alone. It means hiding and lying. It means being unable to trust those closest to you. It means being scared; racing hearts and sweating palms where ever someone gets close. Being gay is not a label to be won. It is not a game played in the dark. Being gay is hearts breaking and looks of disappointment. It’s an understanding that even those who are ok can one day use it against you. It’s an understanding that those who hate you will never let you live it down. Being gay is not a choice…it was never a choice. It’s fighting everyday just for another day to be free.


–  –   –   –  –   – Bring it home   –   –   –   –  –

Trans shift shows deep emotion from two guys who fall in love. It is a romance but the erotic sex scenes are not really there. To be honest the relationship isn’t really there as well. While I do feel the love between John and Tyler, I felt like it wasn’t the main focus. The focus seemed to be more of the drama of John coming out. The book was basically leading to him coming out and the close calls that came with it.

The coming out scene was a bit dryer than I thought it would be due to how John reacted to finding out Tyler as a werewolf. I think without the supernatural element I may not actually liked John at all. I understood why he hide his past but the way he acted just made him seem like the biggest shit-head in the world. Honestly I would not have batted an eye if Tyler had Bitch slapped the shit out of John when he found out his secret. I think I would have ended it there. Sadly I understand it and Mr.Harris just loves to throw some reality into his stories. While some people would have left there are those who would not have. This point went to show that they were actually deeply and truly in love. Yes most people would have said duces be gone but he cherished him and knew that it was worth it. Still…bitch slapping is in season so luckily it can be saved for the side characters.



Moving on


I hate Becky.  I think what makes this story truly shine is her though. She would do anything to get what she wanted. She will hurt others and force them to live how she wants them to. She doesn’t love and I don’t think her capable of it. I could go on and on about how she may have been groomed to be this way but whatever, she’s a Bitch end of story.

She is the embodiment of those who hate people who are LGBT. Her, along with Michael (may ye rest in Satan’s rust covered well used porta-potty) , are what stands against those who are LGBT. Their words and ideas are real. It’s sickening to think about.

Yes this is a work of fiction but it has many truths to it. Maybe I over analyzed this but it’s how I feel. Now..its well passed my bed time and I need sleep. Think you Noah Harris for making me miss my bedtime once again. Goodnight and sleep tight.

Authors Direct Webpage. Just in case you are like me and like to stal..I mean follow those few writers I adore

Goodreads Profile. If you have a good read account check him out in there as well. They have some cool quizzes and sometimes have freebies. Good luck getting one.

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Dear Noah, it’s me… Jessi

   To say that I love reading is an understatement.  No reading is life. It’s something that brings me joy; allowing me to escape to lands I can only see in my dreams.

      Today a book was released that I think will give me the best of dreams. It will make me view reality with new eyes. Allowing me to be anyone or anything I want. A fair maiden, a quick pirate, a shy werewolves, an elusive spirit. I have the power to change lives for the best…or for the worst if need be. 

I have a power thanks to others. A power to create worlds through their words. Someday I may even be able to help someone else in this way. 

    The story I am going to read is by a man named Noah Harris. He is a passionate independent author who makes the most interesting stories. He is also someone who I have had the pleasure of being acquainted with. His personality sweet and spicy just like his writing style. Many of his books hold a special place in my heart because of how original they are. Like all romance writer, he has his cliches, but he does his best. 

  My favorite being his HvZ series. Yes it’s one of those meet and fuck novels but what makes it different is that it’s sports related. Now I know what you are thinking, sports isn’t all that new, but here’s the kicker. It’s a sport that is mainly played in college and it the equivalent of freeze tag. Sounds boring until you throw zombies in the mix. Not real zombies of course but pretend. It’s a game I remember being wildly popular while I was in school. It has a supernatural element but it is isnt overbearing. Which is funny since the book is about some werewolves. Wolves in college playing zombie tag lol. 

It brought a smile to my face because I remembered something so fun. His stories are wonderful because he brings so much of himself to the table. 

  Not to say he is the best I ever read, but he is pretty close when it comes to m/m. Oh yes he writes m/m books and I love them. 

I have a deep love for books of all flavors. 

  His newest book is one i haven’t read but I am proud of because of the subject manner. 

Looking through Amazon and the libraries, I found that there are not many books about those who are transgender, especially when looking for something dealing with the supernatural. 

I am happy that he has decided to write something like this. It can be risky because it is easy to offend people. Not just those who are transgender but those who are not as well. Those who may not agree with them could be offended. A writer could lose fans even those who do read m/m books. So much could go wrong with it but it is a wonderful risk to take. Not only thay but this is his first full length book!!

 So subject matter aside I am excited as all get out. 

Once I get done I will write a review on it. I hope to have this be the first of many. 

Winter wish 

I want to be dead by Christmas. 
I want to have ended it all before the first snowflake falls. I want to have died…to be buried beneath the ground. 
But I won’t be. I have to live, pretend that everything is ok…for her.

I have always been drawn to the winter months.  It’s when death can be most appreciated. I think it’s the best time to fade away. 

But I can’t… I have to go on living for her. 

It doesn’t matter that I don’t want to. It’s not her fault at all. I know she will love me regardless. It’s other though..others who will whisper lies into her ears. 

About how I must not have loved her enough to stay. They don’t understand…see I love her so much that I am willing to let go. 

I love her so much I welcome death like an old friend. I never wanted to be here in the first place but ever since she has been born I have been drawn to death even more. 

I guess it’s ironic that she was born in the winter. Just days before the first snow flakes of that year started to fall. I want to say goodbye before they come. 

That way she will always know that I am watching her. I will always love her and cherish her. 

As the snow comes down on her she will know. 

Werewolves and idiots

Now momma didn’t raise no quitters but I feel inclined to make an exception for this book. It is your everyday supernatural book with the theme being werewolves and men  love. Only they are not on love and these guys are going around acting like 12 year old boys hyped on drugs. For a romance there is very little of that.

 Human goes to a bar, meets a badass run of the mill werewolf and falls hopelessly into the realm of pissed losses of and disdain with him. He has no redeeming qualities what so ever,  this human. No instead he is whinny and gives A Date With A Vampire, Raven, a run for her money. 

When the supernatural soldier tells you to stay put, you stay your ass put. You do do not go waltzing into danger like you own the world. 

This human, because I refuse to say his name, put the cock in cocky. 

Now someone could argue and say that he didn’t mean to. Going through a change is difficult on a person. Well tell that to the author. When change happen people do mess up but this guy was able to think clearly in every other moment but this. Closer to the full moon or not, he had pretty decent control. 

So what gives!

Oh yes so enter the Werewolf. Due to some mistaken identity this guy attacks the wrong person. He attacks a human while trying to chance down another werewolf. How did he make this mistake? By extremely careful planning and thief ex machina that’s how! A series of very unfortunate events happened. Events that would lead others to believe that it has taken them months maybe even years of planning. Including finding out the personality traits of this one human. Someone would to have known he would try to run after someone who stole his wallet. Don’t know about the rest of the world but I would cut my loses and say duces to the coupons stuck in it. Especially since he never got it back anyways. 
  I am sorry but if a big burly man stole my wallet…nope. No, that wallet is not wasting my life over. 

That being said they met and the human was bitten. This wouldn’t be that big of a deal if not for the fact that in this book humans can sue for that. Yes, bites are basically equal to rape and a werewolf does that he could be sent to jail, exiled, or killed. Depending on location, his pack leader could kill them both. In even more ways the pack leader could take the blame, even if he didn’t know, and be jailed or killed. 

 Guess what route these two idiots took. Yep they choose to risk the pack. Even though there is a good chance that this human may not turn. While I can understand that I still don’t like it. 

My problem is lack of romance in this story. Just mindless sex from two guys where one can’t barely stand the other. I mean he hates werewolves and I am suppose to believe that him being adultnapped and bitten without consent is going to make them call in Love? Especially when his reasoning for not liking them in the first place is that he had a bad experience with one. NAY,I say, nay, however this turns out it will be forced. I am really hoping they do not end up together. 
Sadly I will finish this book. Hopefully the end isn’t as mind numbing as the rest of it. 

Update: CALLLED IT!!!