With a blade

Heart never fails me

This is nothing but a warning

Breathe slides by slowly

This is naught but a warning

Canter swifty by

Horses bring about deaths bride

Wrapped in satin

Bathed in light

This is nothing but a warning

To get me through the night

Watches closely listen

Sinners sink to their knees

Bring about a new age

As the bride of death hovers near

Golden hair

Full of despair

Hold your belongings close, for

This is nothing but a warning

I can see the whisper

Can feel it on their breath

This is naught but a warning

Though it means little to me.

As death draws near to see his prize

There is vengence in his eyes

His intent clear for all to see

He is looking…looking

Looking for me

Times change

It’s not nice how people lie

It never gets easy to say goodbye

Never easy to stop by

Knowing full well that this peeson is no longer going to be in your life

It’s not easy

But I refuse to believe

That all things end

When the person leaves

Time still passes

Things still grow

Despite the feelings deep in your soul

Changes happen 

Whether you want them to or not

It’s never easy to say goodbye

I will never again believe in that lie


Focus on me,look in to my eyes.

 Don’t pay attention to those other guys. 

Don’t listen to thier lies just focus on my eyes.

Ignore the pain, the hurt,  regret.

Forget it all!

Don’t worry about the past!

Please Don’t 

This won’t last

It’s  a second and soon it will be gone

Focus on my eyes, listen to my song

Please hear me….

I won’t let you die alone.

In the heat of battles lives are lost. Some taken by the blade of enemies,  others from accidental means. 

Death isn’t a game though. Sometimes you must lie to the person you care about just so they may rest in peace.  You carry on remembering them. Don’t let their sacrifice be in vain. When loosing someone, especially someone who loves you, you must live. You make forget the troubles of the past and live for today. Ignore those trying to stab you in the back. Leave them behind. Leave them to suffer their own fate. Walk with your head high and let your tears flow. It isn’t weak to cry. What is weak is holding in your emotions because you think it will get you through things. Go ahead and think upon them with sadness and happiness. Love them but leave your troubles in the past. Remember them but only for awhile. Because through you, they will never fade from this world. 


Picture description


Compassion on the battlefield for a friend. This photo of one GI comforting another was taken during the Korean War, and published by Life in 1950

U.S. Infantryman Weeps on Shoulder of GI in Korea, After His Friend is KIA, While Corpsman Fills Out Casualty Tags, August 28, 1950

Who am I?

Dearest sister,

Sometimes I can’t remember my own name. It sounds so foreign to me when others say it. Who am I really? Are my memories truly mine? Or are they just another part of my imagination.

I can not tell reality from dreams any more. Sometimes I wake up disappointmente in things that never happened, sometimes I can’t react to things that truly did.

What’s wrong with me, dear sister?

Why can’t I remember my own face?

Why are all my memories of me looking down. As if someone else is living through me.

Sister, who am I ?

Do you even know?

In this never ending nightmare, what part of me is just for show?

Question my sanity

Witches brewing

A forget me spell

Trying to repelicate

What it is like in hell

Turning slowly 

Subtracting time

Going  back towards

What was never mine

Witches brewing

A clockwork spell

Trying to figure out

How to feel in hell

Turning slowly

Prefecting time

Going forward towards

A more favourable rhyme


It is hard for me to write something. Not long ago, someone just had to give me a word, and I would give them art. 

These days it takes planning and tone of reaserch for me to think of something good. 

Now there are days when I can still think of something then and there. Just not as much as I used to. 
I have a project of writing something for the holidays. My favorite Holiday. HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!! 

I am super excited and nervouse to be writing a special poem for a little paper my apartment complex has. Yes only like five people will read it but who cares!? I will have fun with it. Just hope I can tone it down to make it approperiate for all. 

Sister may I

Sister do so you believe in God ?

Do you believe that he will save us all?

Despite my sins

Despite your warnings

Do you think you would ever morn Me?

Sister sister here they came

Sit by mommy as I run

Watch as daddy turns his back

Watch as brother regrets the fact

That I am a sinner through and through

I am burning

It hurts so bad

I can’t see through the shame in our past

Sister forgive me

I am cursed

I never meant to let you be hurt

I am a sinner

Sister dear

It’s ok 

I deserve this all the same

☆☆☆I need to go to bed☆☆☆