Daily Prayer as I lay

‚ÄčIt will hurt but only for awhile. 

Keep the pain inside and try your best to smile.

The world won’t believe you.

People will always leave.

Lilac cravings bring you comfort,

Hidden within your skin.

I never meant to hurt you

By making you believe that all is well.

Never meant to hide from, 

This truth I could not tell.

The world around us is painful

People never seem to stay.

I only hope you give me time 

To correct every lie till today.

Lilac cravings bring you comfort

Hidden within your skin

Reminding you that all things 

Must come to a grave end.
I never meant to touch you

To show you what true love was

Never meant to hold you in my arms,

Have you experience such warmth

Never my intention to bring you all this pain.

To show you that the world is cruel

And people rarely stay.

Close your eyes and remember me. 

Remember the love we shared

Remember the times we laughed.

That I showed you what it felt like to care

Color me inside your soul.

Leave me there to fester deep.

Like a wound on your heart

You will always keep.

Lilac scars may cover you

Hidden from the world

But please remember the times we shared

Yes this world may be full of suffering

And people lie with glee

Yes in the end I hurt you most

Because I also had to leave

But please don’t forget us

Don’t forget our love

I never truly left you dear

I am always in your heart.

My shoes

Mommy, mommy, please wake up.

Why is your body covered with cuts.

Your dark skin is painted with blood.

Mommy mommy, did it really hurt that much.

Sorry I couldn’t understand when you cried.

Sorry I couldn’t see the pain your eyes.

I love you mommy

I really do.

Sorry I couldn’t put myself in your shoes.

Sorry I didn’t understand

Sorry I wasn’t there, I really am

But wake up please,

I need you too.

Mommy mommy…what am I suppose to do. 


Lost Boys by Ruth B.

What is it like to be free. Truly free, such as I could never be. 

I often think of what could be, what it would be like to be someone else. Someone so unlike me. I want to run wild. I want to feel the air, to fly to the magical places I can only see in my dreams. 

I truly want to be someone else.

Someone else that could never turn out like me. 

Playing and hiding from imagined things. I wish this more then anything. To say words my tongue can’t shape now. To see sights my eyes are to blind to believe. 

Things I read in stories…I wish they were reality.