A challenge a day keeps the sanity away

What is your lifes goal? 

What do you crave more theb anything else? It is to be famous, to have money out the ass, to have the perfect family, to destroy humanity as we know it?

What is your lifes goal?
Me, I want to do all of that. I want enough money to live. I want to be known and not easily forgotten. I want a family, not perfect by any means, but I want THE family. The kind that goes on trips to the nearby forset and pretend it is snazziest place to be. I want the type of family that spends hours at the bookstore getting strange looks by workers and customers because we keep fangasming over everything. I want the type of family that jumps for joy in the middle of a grocery store because someone found a penny that was printed the year they were born. Yes THAT family. 

I want to destroy this world as we know it. Not by bombs and zombies. No! I want to destory this world by words alone. I want it so that when you look at your neighbor you can’t help but want to say hello. I want a bully to look at their friends and scream stop before it is to late. I want someone to see a person on the street and not have to fight the urge to help them. Why? Because they have already handed them a bag of food and maybe se toiletries. 
I want ro destroy humanity with large amounts of kindness. 
My lifes goal is to change people. To change minds and circumstances where people may not have originally survived.  I want world peace but in that way others think of it. No there will still be hate and disgust but they way it is handled would be different. Forget the purge, let us have a day of where Fight Club comes alive. Beat the holy shit out of your neighbor one day and on the next be trying to figure out to cook hamburgers without burning yourselves. 

A challenge a day keeps the sanity away though. 

It won’t be easy at all. People will be hurt in the process and sure enough lives will be lost. 

That is my lifes goal though. So tell me, what do you hope for? 

So when thinking of a theme, again, I started to look back on stuff. I am not good at staying on task. I get side tracked and forgetful when I have plans in place. I first decided to just go with the flow. This time I think I will have a theme…I will just not tell anyone about it. Muhahahaha

A to Z Challenge

A to Z link to the page

Ahh it’s beinging to look like a chal-lenge!

A2Z-BADGE-150 [2017]

Da bannah

I am proud to say I will be doing this challenge again this year. The theme this year will probably come to me halfway through the month lol. Some stuff is prewritten but for the most part I wanted to write it as I went along. For some odd reason I like scrambling around in a panic trying to figure out what to write. I like a good ole fashion punishment.

It will remain a blog for a more mature audience and I have changed my setting. There will be a CW before pretty much every post as a just in case. Feel free to message anything and everything. I love feedback!

I look forward to this month long adventure with everyone.



~Hate me for things I can not change

I give you premission

Only you 

Can you image the trauma you could put me through??? ~

CW abuse

What is it like to be abused by someone you love? By someone you hate?  I think many people could answer that question whole others can merely guess.

Would anyone even want to think about it. Surely no one does but that would be lying. There are those out there who crave pain.  No not the pain of someone who loves them but from those who feel the opposite. 

They crave the bruises of someone who can help them feel alive. 

Others can try to help them but what if they don’t want the help.

They are judged and hated without others knowing that it is those reactions that they want. 

So what do we do?

I still like the petty poet thing

So working on my story thing is going ok. I haven’t really decided on a theme and am just writing random stuff. On a later date I will go through what I have and decided what to keep and what to use in a different book. 

I want to do a bunch of short stories but am thinking that combining it with some poems will help as well. Short of like an anthology but instead of other people writing it will just me. 

Like person who wrote ‘Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark’ mated with Shel Silverman and had a book baby. 

Or that one lady who wrote those poem stories but doesn’t piss people off cause she is obsessed with everyone getting unhappy endings even though we expected them to have one. Like seriously why would you end a book on a good note only for them to come back in a different book doing the same shit they were in the last book. Like do you want them to fail at life, cause that’s how you fail at life.

No in my stories happy endings are not to be expected. Unless you feel like death is a happy ending. In that case you will not be disappointed. Cause someone is dying, I can assure you of that. 
I have always felt a little bit of pitty for the bad guy in almost every book. So this will be a story of the bad guys getting their just desserts. Not all victems ate innocent you know. Not all  monsters are without a heart. 



We shall see how it goes

Update: I need to learn how to edit as I write. Or at least go over things… 

Petty Poet is a nice title 

 Ahh the monthly Question. When will I remember that is it Wednesday 

March 1 Question: Have you ever pulled out a really old story and reworked it? Did it work out?

First of all I am my worst critic.  I hate pretty much everything I write and once done have to fight the urge to rewrite it. So have I done this…yes..many many many many many times. Have they turned out for the better; I can’t say for sure. 

Petty Poet dialogue 

Explain in detail who I am ^-^ 

A petty poet

CW: Some people take job they don’t really want. They do it for the happiness of others. Sometimes these jobs cause them trouble. They suffer and are judged for their deeds while others are still seen in a graceful light. It isn’t fair. It is often hard to see if it is even worth it. 

Would you die for your child? I know I would. I would sell my very soul if it meant her happiness. She doesn’t seen to see the darkness I wade through for her. All she needs to do is enjoy her life. So many people hold jobs that bring them pain. 

Some people are forced to sell their very souls, their bodies even. Wouls you be willing to risk it all for your child? I know I would. 

Shame me more

Was once a petty little whore

Shoved by unholy hands

Fighting for remembrance 

Unvield face yet revealed lust

Shame me more

Always such a petty little whore

Filled with distrust

Take me to a place I can’t see

Hurt me until you’ve had your fill

Judge me more

Judge me still

Shame on me for trying to feel

Tried to stop but small hands grasp

Beg for more so it must last

Shame on me

For trying to surivive

Unholy hands fuck me through the night

Little smiling faces

One saving grace

Night filled with bloody passion 

So they may stay that way. 

Update: Still working on some stuff. Hopeing to finish my story soon. Well it will be a few short stories and a bunch of poems. I have an idea of what it will be about but right now I am just writing random stuff.

 I think I want to write about mental illness but abuse has been in my lately. I want to be the voice for those who have been told to shut up.