A challenge a day keeps the sanity away

What is your lifes goal? 

What do you crave more theb anything else? It is to be famous, to have money out the ass, to have the perfect family, to destroy humanity as we know it?

What is your lifes goal?
Me, I want to do all of that. I want enough money to live. I want to be known and not easily forgotten. I want a family, not perfect by any means, but I want THE family. The kind that goes on trips to the nearby forset and pretend it is snazziest place to be. I want the type of family that spends hours at the bookstore getting strange looks by workers and customers because we keep fangasming over everything. I want the type of family that jumps for joy in the middle of a grocery store because someone found a penny that was printed the year they were born. Yes THAT family. 

I want to destroy this world as we know it. Not by bombs and zombies. No! I want to destory this world by words alone. I want it so that when you look at your neighbor you can’t help but want to say hello. I want a bully to look at their friends and scream stop before it is to late. I want someone to see a person on the street and not have to fight the urge to help them. Why? Because they have already handed them a bag of food and maybe se toiletries. 
I want ro destroy humanity with large amounts of kindness. 
My lifes goal is to change people. To change minds and circumstances where people may not have originally survived.  I want world peace but in that way others think of it. No there will still be hate and disgust but they way it is handled would be different. Forget the purge, let us have a day of where Fight Club comes alive. Beat the holy shit out of your neighbor one day and on the next be trying to figure out to cook hamburgers without burning yourselves. 

A challenge a day keeps the sanity away though. 

It won’t be easy at all. People will be hurt in the process and sure enough lives will be lost. 

That is my lifes goal though. So tell me, what do you hope for? 

So when thinking of a theme, again, I started to look back on stuff. I am not good at staying on task. I get side tracked and forgetful when I have plans in place. I first decided to just go with the flow. This time I think I will have a theme…I will just not tell anyone about it. Muhahahaha

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