It is starting soon and I am getting nervous. I have done all I could think to prepare for it but as it gets closer to being here…
As it gets to be that time….
I am scared…
I don’t want to fail, as I find myself doing often.
I want to be there till the very end. I am so scared though. So very scared indeed.

A to Z Blog challenge


I recently found out about a blog challenge called A to Z blog challenge where you take each letter of the alphabet and write a posts, with each letter being the first letter in the title.

For the full month of April I will try my hardest not only to write more, but to follow these guidelines. 

I believe that this could be the push I need to help me stay on top of my writing and will allow me to learn from others as well.


Honestly, it isn’t that hard to hate someone. It is a strong emotion that is easy to come by.
Hating someone…
It causes stress to see them; almost making you wish stabbing someone wasn’t against the law. They cause so much heartache…so much rage.

Hating someone is so easy that we do it all the time. Yet when you hate someone they can very much take over your life. The time you spend going over their demise could have been put to good use. Instead of thinking off the best way to peel their skin off without spraying blood everywhere, could have been used to find ways to save a life.

Instead…hate…it eats away at you. Leaving nothing.
Why is it so addicting?
I fucking freaking hate certain people. I love to hate them. Yes it can tear me down but honestly hating them is the least of my struggles.