A to Z Blog challenge


I recently found out about a blog challenge called A to Z blog challenge where you take each letter of the alphabet and write a posts, with each letter being the first letter in the title.

For the full month of April I will try my hardest not only to write more, but to follow these guidelines. 

I believe that this could be the push I need to help me stay on top of my writing and will allow me to learn from others as well.

6 responses to “A to Z Blog challenge

    • I have decided to make up a theme as I go along. I want my titles to have something to do with color but can’t really think of a theme. I know I will write mainly short lyrical stories though. Hopefully after the first few post I will know a theme

      • There doesn’t need to be a theme, sometimes it makes it easier for people to write the A-Z if they have one, but short stories is a great idea, I look forward to reading them!

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