Someone once loved and lost

Black bird resting on my shoulder

Defeated whispers

A cautious tale

Dare I grasp on to darken feathers

Allow my soul to remember

A friend who left me to the sea

Wyvern claws into broken wings

Grasping at these darkened dreams

Dare I take hold to keep safe

A cautious tale

Of retribution and hate

Murder caws into the wind

Twining with the wyvern like an old forgotten friend


I keep it on my sleeve knowing it will bleed

I think that comforts me, this pain.

When the world is going to hell and people are stuck in themselves

Who would dare to listen to a Brown girls words?

When so many aren’t speaking loud enough

To drown out the voices of the dead

So I hold it to my chest knowing it will die

Because it comforts me, reminds me I’m alive

Mothers Day Requiem

Precious one with a bitten tongue

Broken by a lie only once spun

See through roses tinted blue

Ignoring the warnings in its hue

Tainted woe with glitter wings

Painting roses with memories

Precious child with a bitten tongue

Singing a love much to young

Did you see the rose turned blue?

Or where you mystified by its liars hue?

The end of the day

So, as one can figure, I forgot about this months challenge. So didn’t participate in full like I had planned. But I want to keep trying anyways. So as I gain my muses I will try to finish out the challenge in my own time. I won’t be able to make claim to actually finishing like others will but I still want to try to get through the letters.

Pray for me dear readers. For I have taken upon myself a mission of sweet release that may not come to me for some time.

My spring break

I don’t want to be in love anymore. It hurts knowing that it is so one sided. I wish to have this emotion stricken from my memory. Just so that I can never remember this pain. And on the off chance I am infected again, please just rip my heart away. For it would better to suffer from such a injury than to have to feel again.