Petty Poet is a nice title 

 Ahh the monthly Question. When will I remember that is it Wednesday 

March 1 Question: Have you ever pulled out a really old story and reworked it? Did it work out?

First of all I am my worst critic.  I hate pretty much everything I write and once done have to fight the urge to rewrite it. So have I done this…yes..many many many many many times. Have they turned out for the better; I can’t say for sure. 

5 responses to “Petty Poet is a nice title 

  1. I can totally sympathise with this. I recently ran across some write-ups I did of an RPG campaign that I ran back in uni. They were never intended to be written to a professional standard but I still cringed over and over again as I read them.

    • Lol I feel like I will never be a true “professional” when it comes to writing. I have goals I want to accomplish but even If I get them done and things work out, I will always feel as though I failed in some way.

  2. Oh no. I’m sure they’ve all turned out find. I haven’t looked too much into the rest of your blog yet but (if you haven’t already) release your work so people can enjoy it. You’ll see that your writing is fine. It’s good to be a hard critic because it ensures your writing is the best it can be but don’t let it hold you back. ^_^

    • I haven’t released anything outside of writing on my blog. I am working on something now. A book of short stories and possibly some poems as well. I want to share with my works with the world. I am confident enough to post them on here but feel I have a lot to learn before I try for a bigger audience.
      Thank you and you are right. Being perfect has never been a goal of mine. Though the way I critique myself one would thank so lol.

      • Well at least you’re releasing it on your blog (I only just started doing that on my own blog). You’ll slowly gain and audience and then when you’re finally ready to publish that book, you’ll have people who will want to buy it ^_^

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