Song tied

She is certain

With a silver tongue

And fleshed out wings, she brings

Heaven towards the sky

Where Angel fail to dwell

Burned out in their own hell, she spied

Twisted lies and sad goodbyes

She is certain

With fluid eyes

A earth filled with dread

Where beings that feast on dreams

Question a fickle lullaby, she sings

Such pretty things

Like sweet mercy bitten by metal wings


I wrote this with my best friend in mind. One who just so happens to share my first name. So this is for you Jessica and all others in the world who share this rather interesting name (i.e this name is basic haha)

Also changing the title cause it was meant to be a place holder till I found one I liked. Only I forgot to change it before it had posted. So here ya go

Sister may I

Sister do so you believe in God ?

Do you believe that he will save us all?

Despite my sins

Despite your warnings

Do you think you would ever morn Me?

Sister sister here they came

Sit by mommy as I run

Watch as daddy turns his back

Watch as brother regrets the fact

That I am a sinner through and through

I am burning

It hurts so bad

I can’t see through the shame in our past

Sister forgive me

I am cursed

I never meant to let you be hurt

I am a sinner

Sister dear

It’s ok 

I deserve this all the same

☆☆☆I need to go to bed☆☆☆