Werewolves and idiots

Now momma didn’t raise no quitters but I feel inclined to make an exception for this book. It is your everyday supernatural book with the theme being werewolves and men  love. Only they are not on love and these guys are going around acting like 12 year old boys hyped on drugs. For a romance there is very little of that.

 Human goes to a bar, meets a badass run of the mill werewolf and falls hopelessly into the realm of pissed losses of and disdain with him. He has no redeeming qualities what so ever,  this human. No instead he is whinny and gives A Date With A Vampire, Raven, a run for her money. 

When the supernatural soldier tells you to stay put, you stay your ass put. You do do not go waltzing into danger like you own the world. 

This human, because I refuse to say his name, put the cock in cocky. 

Now someone could argue and say that he didn’t mean to. Going through a change is difficult on a person. Well tell that to the author. When change happen people do mess up but this guy was able to think clearly in every other moment but this. Closer to the full moon or not, he had pretty decent control. 

So what gives!

Oh yes so enter the Werewolf. Due to some mistaken identity this guy attacks the wrong person. He attacks a human while trying to chance down another werewolf. How did he make this mistake? By extremely careful planning and thief ex machina that’s how! A series of very unfortunate events happened. Events that would lead others to believe that it has taken them months maybe even years of planning. Including finding out the personality traits of this one human. Someone would to have known he would try to run after someone who stole his wallet. Don’t know about the rest of the world but I would cut my loses and say duces to the coupons stuck in it. Especially since he never got it back anyways. 
  I am sorry but if a big burly man stole my wallet…nope. No, that wallet is not wasting my life over. 

That being said they met and the human was bitten. This wouldn’t be that big of a deal if not for the fact that in this book humans can sue for that. Yes, bites are basically equal to rape and a werewolf does that he could be sent to jail, exiled, or killed. Depending on location, his pack leader could kill them both. In even more ways the pack leader could take the blame, even if he didn’t know, and be jailed or killed. 

 Guess what route these two idiots took. Yep they choose to risk the pack. Even though there is a good chance that this human may not turn. While I can understand that I still don’t like it. 

My problem is lack of romance in this story. Just mindless sex from two guys where one can’t barely stand the other. I mean he hates werewolves and I am suppose to believe that him being adultnapped and bitten without consent is going to make them call in Love? Especially when his reasoning for not liking them in the first place is that he had a bad experience with one. NAY,I say, nay, however this turns out it will be forced. I am really hoping they do not end up together. 
Sadly I will finish this book. Hopefully the end isn’t as mind numbing as the rest of it. 

Update: CALLLED IT!!!

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