She couldn’t say the words



I would always love that way you smiled

I would have hoped to walk you down the aisle

Kissed you

Held you

Loved you forever

Treasured you always

The world is ours forever

But I wasn’t given a choice

Given a chance

Instead you choose to hold his hand

Kiss his lips

And hold him close

Forced to watch

As you walked away

I could have loved you forever

I still do

I still wish you would let me comfort you

Let me cherish you

Forget all the lies

Let me be the one to wipe the tears from your eyes

I could have given you forever

God! I still want to

But you chose him over me

Decided he was the one

Didn’t give me a chance to make you smile

Left me for him because it was considered normal

I still love you

I always will

Just wish you could have said the words

You always told me you could feel.

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