Ask and answer

I often ask myself silly questions I would not dare bring up to anyone else.

Thing that make me blush or smile. Things that make me cry awhile.

I ask myself these things because they help me feel alive.

For awhile I have the will to survive.

What kind of future will she have?

Will I be there or will I be dead?

How can I make her happy?

How will she feel if I hold her on my lap, even when she is 20?

I ask myself because I can.

I ask myself so that I may continue till the end.


Letters in her blood

She is full of love

Questions never told

Cause she is afraid of what they say 

Instead she smiles

Whispers silent like

Coveres up with blackened wings

All the things that were meant to stay dreams

This is not all what it seems

This is not what it was suppose to be

Question held closely

Answer only with doubt

Try to hold on only

She can’t help but want out

Her demons scream her name

Confuse her into going insane

Still she goes on living

Goes on believing that all will be ok

It is not a lie she is wishing

But a faith not held by most

She is but a dreamer

Not tempted by her ghost.