**A/N This is a work in progress. I find that I have two seperate poems in this but they go hand in hand. I want to publish it anyways and if anyone has any suggestion go fix it, feel freel to tell me. ***

Lost inside the passion
Hidden beneath a silence 
That is where you will find me
Counting all my lashes
Life gave me regret
A beautiful gift indeed
Father never cared
Mother never believed
But I can fight the darkness
Before it  can consume
I can fight the hate 
Used to build this room
Caught up in the cross fire
Of what I  was to be
Never did they imagine
That I would attempt to break free
Mommy never knew me
Daddy never tried
 Just to consumed by their own lies
Hidden behind the passion
Lost in this deceit
Wonder if they will try to follow
Once I truly break free
~I grew from what was expected of me
Started to spread my broken wings
Father never bothered to know
At least it never truly seemed so
He will never know how he lost me long ago
Mother never could show
What was truly in her soul
All she saw was the past 
She will never know that she lost me long ago ~
Mother never knew me
Father never tried
To caught up in their own lives
But soon they will see who I was meant to be
I wonder if they will be surprised

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