Another Update cause I can

Welcome to the musing of an extremely petty poet.

I have had a lot of new followers and am actually starting to get a lot of repeats as well. Still not a lot of comments but I am ok with that. Just wanted to let everyone know, if you all haven’t noticed already, I am a terrible speller. And *spoiler alert* my grammar is even worse. So feel free to judge to your hearts content lol. I have had some people tell me that it is ok but it is something I struggle with and want to work on. I do not do it before I post my work but when I go back I like to edit a few things here and there. Change up a line or two to help it flow better. But if you see some mistake that doesn’t look intentional just comment and let me know. I will not get upset…ok I will get upset if said person only commenter just to tell me what I am doing wrong.

I am a single mom who struggles with BPD. I made this blog first to hone my writing skills but later on I wanted to show what it was like to live with a mental disorder. My poems and little story tell about my life and that of my daughter. Sometimes I can be angry, happy, sad, depression, excited and even, you guessed it, petty. I enjoy each and every person who takes the time to like and read my work. There is not a lot of information out there that paints people with BPD in a neutral light. Most information seeks to vilify us. Well I am here to tell ya that we are just as human as you are. We make mistakes and successes. My poems go a long way into proving that. Because some of my pieces are downright holy while others sound like the musing of a very edgy teen going through puberty. You get no in between with me really 🤣.

So I thank you and say welcome to all the new faces. I am sorry for the mess and look forward to learning from you all.

6 responses to “Another Update cause I can

  1. Bipolar myself Zeanna, so know exactly what you mean. However , never forget you are who you are, love yourself first and foremost, and don’t be too hard on your writing. Cultivate your eccentricities and to hell with the critics. Those who care don’t matter, those who matter don’t care, they love you just as you are.
    A blogger friend I would recommend. Stoneronarollercoaster on WordPress.
    Take care, stay safe.

    • Yay thanks for the recommendation. I don’t get to read others blogs as much as I want to but I adore it when I am able. I actually do not have bipolar disorder. I have Borderline Personality Disorder. There are a lot if similarities between the two though. My best friend has it and some of our symptoms as a result tend to align. It is actually pretty interesting to see us interact with other because a lot of her responses is based in her emotional state and mine is a bit harder to decipher. Yet she is my best friend whom I love so very much.

      I do not mind the critics at times. They are what help us grow still you are right. There are times when it is best to nod and ignore them. Writing is my passion. I am not all that great at it but it makes me happy. Lol, I will cultivate it till my dying days.

  2. I think I would rather a like or a follow instead of a comment, although a comment is nice to get once in a while. There are times I hit publish and later read my post and find misspelled words. Just keep writing.

    • That is true. It makes me really happy with people follow or like my work. I do not truly mind if no one comments though it does leaves a special feeling within me when it does happen. I cherish everyone who takes the time to read my work.

  3. Ha! I’m 46 and often sound like some version of a teen aged girl. It’s part of our charm!
    I like to spell things correctly and have good grammar too but sometimes I leave mistakes in, as an affront to my perfectionism. When I see mistakes in others work, I smile at them. It just feels good to see another human being a human.

    • That is very true lol. I think not be afraid to go back to styles we had growing up can be really nice. It does have a sort of charm to it because it allows you to see how far you have come as a writer. I still wish I concerned myself more with editing but I only ever care when it comes to my own work. For others I also like seeing a mistake here and there. It is a good example of humans being human.

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