Another Update cause I can

Welcome to the musing of an extremely petty poet.

I have had a lot of new followers and am actually starting to get a lot of repeats as well. Still not a lot of comments but I am ok with that. Just wanted to let everyone know, if you all haven’t noticed already, I am a terrible speller. And *spoiler alert* my grammar is even worse. So feel free to judge to your hearts content lol. I have had some people tell me that it is ok but it is something I struggle with and want to work on. I do not do it before I post my work but when I go back I like to edit a few things here and there. Change up a line or two to help it flow better. But if you see some mistake that doesn’t look intentional just comment and let me know. I will not get upset…ok I will get upset if said person only commenter just to tell me what I am doing wrong.

I am a single mom who struggles with BPD. I made this blog first to hone my writing skills but later on I wanted to show what it was like to live with a mental disorder. My poems and little story tell about my life and that of my daughter. Sometimes I can be angry, happy, sad, depression, excited and even, you guessed it, petty. I enjoy each and every person who takes the time to like and read my work. There is not a lot of information out there that paints people with BPD in a neutral light. Most information seeks to vilify us. Well I am here to tell ya that we are just as human as you are. We make mistakes and successes. My poems go a long way into proving that. Because some of my pieces are downright holy while others sound like the musing of a very edgy teen going through puberty. You get no in between with me really 🤣.

So I thank you and say welcome to all the new faces. I am sorry for the mess and look forward to learning from you all.

4 responses to “Another Update cause I can

  1. I think I would rather a like or a follow instead of a comment, although a comment is nice to get once in a while. There are times I hit publish and later read my post and find misspelled words. Just keep writing.

    • That is true. It makes me really happy with people follow or like my work. I do not truly mind if no one comments though it does leaves a special feeling within me when it does happen. I cherish everyone who takes the time to read my work.

  2. Ha! I’m 46 and often sound like some version of a teen aged girl. It’s part of our charm!
    I like to spell things correctly and have good grammar too but sometimes I leave mistakes in, as an affront to my perfectionism. When I see mistakes in others work, I smile at them. It just feels good to see another human being a human.

    • That is very true lol. I think not be afraid to go back to styles we had growing up can be really nice. It does have a sort of charm to it because it allows you to see how far you have come as a writer. I still wish I concerned myself more with editing but I only ever care when it comes to my own work. For others I also like seeing a mistake here and there. It is a good example of humans being human.

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