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I hate them. I hate looking at them, thinking of them, being spoken to about them. Don’t tell me how they are. Don’t tell them how I am. They don’t matter to me so why do you bring them up like I care…why do that to me. Why pretend that things are alright when they are not. That hurts you know!

Maybe I am being selfish… don’t really care either way. Just stop bring them up OK ….


She held out her hand for all to see.
A simple apple from a simple tree
Dusted with the morning dew
Glistening to calm and sweet.
This lovely
This apple taken by a maid.
She smiled brightly for this made her day.
The maid then bowed,  she was as happy as can be.
The Queen had blessed her with such a simple
From a simple
Took a bite for all to see.
Sweet little maid, then she
Turned red as the apple spilled from her lips
Such kissable bow lips
The maid turned with a sudden and curse.

Such disgusting words she cursed.
Such disgusting words.
The crowd took up arms
The Queen was promptly taken away.
Such dirty things were said.
Gossip began to spread.
Words utter that have never been said.
Off with her head!
To death she be.
Said the maid to the queen.
And people listened!
The cheered!
No one thinking of the simple apple
From the simple tree
A simple treat that was meant to be
Blown away by misplaced anger
The Queen was laid to death.
Because of the words a heathen dared say.
Such disgusting words she uttered.

Such words said from the maid about her mother.

Death to the Queen. The savior of us all.
Because of the words
Spoken by a simple mind
Simple tree
Simple treat
Simply the best place
to sleep for eternity

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