Jessi’s schedule

8:00am: Wakeup
8:15am: Get Dressed
8:30am: Eat Breakfest
9:00am : Read or watch TV
11:00am : Snack Time
12:00pm : Lunch time
1:30pm : Nap Time
3:00pm : Wake up/Potty song
4:40pm : independent play time
5:00pm : Snack Time
6:00pm : Dinner Time
7:00pm : Bath or TV time
7:30pm : Giggles and kisses
7:45pm : Singing time
8:00pm : Bedtime
8:15pm : Just in case you are still up kisses and reading time
9:00pm : Pretty sure it is past your bed time bedtime.

Over and over again.

Daisey has a schedule but it is really mommies schedule if you think about it. I have it in place not just for her but for me. I need structure to stay sane. She need structure to flourish and grow.
To be fair the only times set in stone or the eating times. Everything else varies by mood. There are days she actually goes to bed on time. Two years proud of her.

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