Wake me up a little later prequel

This is a series all about smiles.

Haven’t you ever wondered why when a person dies that is all we ever talk about. How happy they where. How they smiled.

We are never allowed to talk about the bad. We guilt ourselves into only seeing the good. There are even times when we blame the who has people passed. Those are the times we hold no guilt at all.

Still there smiles are the last thing to fade from our minds.

Suicide, homicide, accidental death, dying from old age. They all smiled once.

We either pretend they where perfect or make a liar out of them.

Suicide victims should have spoken up, those who were murdered should be forgiven, people who died of old age should be praised, those who died from disease or accidents should be pitied.
We never give them their due.
Abuse should not be excused

Suicide should be mocked

Old age doesn’t make you an instant saint

Illness or unexpected deaths does not mean you are forgiven.
People can cause so much pain. They will not be loved by everyone. Sure there are those whose souls where grey but no except child are ever pure white.
I write these things for those who have lost their ways. Victims of abuse who were forced to keep silent.

Those who were bullied and had their  glossed over and forgotten.

Peoples who had their sins justified by an event we all go through.

This is for them all.

Prey and predator alike

I can only hope this helps people think.

Cause smiles are never what they seem.


Standing there you would think he had not a care in the world but in side he was truly dying. His heart was racing faster with each passing glace the people gave him. It was almost as if could taste their contempt and hatred. Their eyes judging him for something he couldn’t help.

They didn’t care, wouldn’t allow themselves too. despite the smirk on his lips he couldn’t have been more terrified. Soft whisper reached his ears, so quiet he could barely make out the words, but oh did he feel it. They wanted his blood on the ground, couldn’t wait for the moment to executioner to pick up his blade and end his life. They prayed upon it with disgusting glee in their eyes.

Oh how he wished he were someone else, wasn’t his fault really, it was instinct after all.