God made a promise

How do you see me? Care to pray to bring me closer to you? I have been watching for awhile now but don’t bother hoping that you will be saved. This is a test you need to survive. It is needed for you to succeed in life. Blood on your hands and knees. I love the sounds you make as you grieve. Mock pity as you repent not understanding that you good luck as been spent.

Touch yourself in unholy ways yet beg me to save you on weaker days.

I do not think you know, but this is the way to save your pitiful soul.

Ever prayed? 

I lied…well I sort of lied.

See I told someone I prayed for them when really I sat at home and didn’t think.

Of them I mean, I didn’t think of them.

I thought…just not of them

No I sat at home and played a game.

Facebook messaged some friends about stupid things.

I am not even sure why I said I would.

I can’t even remember what their problem was.

Still I lied and said I prayed.

Told them I talked to lord for them just about every day.

I didn’t, nope, instead I downloaded this cool movie.

Watched it for a few hours meaning to do the right thing.

I paused it for a while and listened to some music.

Got into a “mood” and figured I should think of them.

Sat there for a few minutes with my headphones in and the music still going.

Contemplating what to say to God.

Gave up about five minutes into thinking about them and returned to my song.

But then I decided to try again.

Speak to God like I promised my friend I would.

I think I may have said or word or two.

Now I think about it, I didn’t even do the opening line or closing line.

No ‘Hi God’ or ‘Amen’

Oh well!

Pretty sure they will be ok.

Letters of a Petty Poet

Curse of a Christian, Amen

Thank you for your kind words

But I will pray for you

Sinners never seemed to give in

But I will pray for you

My words will float up to the heavens

God is listening in

He will save your lost soul

Cause I have washed my hands

Turned a golden cheek

Smile bright as can be

I will pray for you

But once you leave all will be in vain

Cause you will never cross my mind again. 

Deep down doubt

If God is perfect then why did he make me? 

Why am I bleeding

Pretending I’m not here

Holding inside 

A life unwanted

Grasping at straws

Finding a way to fade

If God is so perfect then why am I here? 

There is a creature inside me

He helped me put it there

Held me down as I pretended not to care.

Tried to fight, tried so hard

Now just grasping straws

Trying to understand

God is truly perfect

Can you help me understand

Why I can’t take justice into my  own hands? 

There is a monster inside me

Trying to break free

I did not let it grow but the others made it so

There is a thing inside

Fighting to be free

If God is so perfect 

Why did he make it so I can bleed? 

Sister may I

Sister do so you believe in God ?

Do you believe that he will save us all?

Despite my sins

Despite your warnings

Do you think you would ever morn Me?

Sister sister here they came

Sit by mommy as I run

Watch as daddy turns his back

Watch as brother regrets the fact

That I am a sinner through and through

I am burning

It hurts so bad

I can’t see through the shame in our past

Sister forgive me

I am cursed

I never meant to let you be hurt

I am a sinner

Sister dear

It’s ok 

I deserve this all the same

☆☆☆I need to go to bed☆☆☆