My mind hurts

This is a drug. Sculpted by a set of hand cuffs made of plaster.  Not my finest creation, but this is not my finest hour. It sits and bakes in the wake off the addict. Hidden somewhere among the weeds and the trees and the flowers. Only another who suffers could understand it’s power. How it grows and holds. Expanding from the molds which housed it. A plant in the mind of those who know where to look. Where to find such meaningless things in wish filled dreams. Only they can understand. This drug. Sculpted by a set of plasterd handcuffs. This isn’t my finest creation but it only took an hour. I can choose to give it power or I can choose to throw it away. I am the addict who hides. Among the tree and and weeds and thorns. Watching as it expands from the molds I sculpted. I leave meaning in its creations. Define it by wish filled dreams. Only I can understand it. This is a drug.

A/N I can’t sleep again. I can feel the cycle starting. How empty i feel. I am sharing this one ahead of schedule because…well because it makes no sense. And I need to empty my mind right now before everything starts fading again.

At last

Ok this is it. No more games!!!

I am finally going to tackle some of my goals. Starting with reading my already published poems a lot and posting them to YouTube as well as submitting some stuff to a few places. I do not have enough for a book but even just being features in a magazine would be nice.






Wish me luck!

Death of a friend

No amount of words can express the pain of losing a friend. Nothing in mind comes close to describing it and I honestly don’t think I want to.

Who could though? We, as humans, tend to block these sort of things from our minds until it is way to late. Until this friend stands at death’s door and gives us a wave. All death is sad of course but this one…I don’t know…losing someone so close and yet to so far is different. Losing a family member is just that..losing a loved one. Losing a friend is like losing a part of you. The part that made you who you are through many things most family members are not there for. That many of them ignore and take for granted.

Not to say I  hold one above the other but they do feel very different.