Wednesday 1




~January 4 Question: What writing rule do you wish you’d never heard?~


Proper grammar has always been a pain. For one I write poetry and if you really wanted someone like me to know proper grammar you should have chosen a different way to teach it to me. (That was a run on sentience)

Why do we try to teach children different writing rules while also making them read works by those who ignored said rules.

Has anyone actually paid attention to Milton?  Dante’s Inferno? Maybe even freaking Sylvia Path??

Ok sure those are not books we read in our young years but I did and they stayed with me. They were the stories that held my attention the best. These people and stories also wrote things they didn’t always require a period.

Or they started a sentience with the wrong words. You are not supposed to start a sentience with “Or”

But I write poems though. Those rules do not apply to my form of writing and yet I was taught them. I was taught basic grammar with my examples being from the most incorrect books ever.

So many writing rules. So little time. I rather so screw it all and write how I feel is right.

Sure it is wrong but I never cared to begin with. I paid attention enough just to barely pass and that’s it.

It is funny because I know this will have a ton of mistakes but to me is makes loads of sense. That is what makes it all unique.

I am sorry for the headache that may come from reading this. Disclaimers go at the beginning…

How did I manage to pass English you ask. I read way to much and annoyed my teachers that’s how.



Don’t call me shorty!

  Ok so this is a strange thing to dislike when it comes to most indi writers but…I freaking HATE short novels.
I hate having to read one complete book that has been turned into four or five different books. All with their very own cliffhanger.
That is not fun at all.
Now I don’t mind short stories. I mean it doesn’t take long to tell a story. Some of my favorite authors are capable of doing just that.
Taking a story and completing it in a few hundred pages. That is the joy of kindle books. I would never buy a book only 100 pages long from the store but I don’t mind getting it from Amazon or something. That being said, if you are going to create a series, don’t do it in the form of just breaking up one book.
Sorry but I am not wasting money on wishes and dreams.
You gotta earn my love yo.

That doesn’t mean I will not attempt to read it or even view it. Just be prepared for one pissed off reading if it ends suddenly.