Warrior duet

Blood, sweat and tears, and pride, though it lies. I still got it, a certificate too. Proof that I know a thousand and one ways to kill you. But I have pain, pills just can’t fix. A bullet wounded knee cap and previously broken ribs. But I have honor, and respect, and the ability to shop at places where they do not accept my check.

Blood, sweat and tears, and pride, though it hides. I still got it, proven by the medal clipped to my chest. Proof that I know how to hold a person down as they scream. But I have pills, that can keep the nightmares at bay. A fucked up mind a broken home, I didn’t know what to expect. But I’ve got honor, and respect, and the ability to stand at ease in the check out line with people glaring at my back.

History Maker

A painter standing

Tips a brush dripped in koi blood

And dashes off the excess

Before applying a swipe of oppression

On a canvas filled with a traitors jest

He rest his hand in a still life rendition

To a crowd of a white washed plague

A painter standing in ovation

Tearing into another bottle of ink

He is not done tainting this history

A paint brush dipped in koi blood

A canvas of a nation that once was

He makes a mark that may just last

To a crowd of reflective glass

Doubtful sea

There is a middle ground to all this noise

Something that can’t be easily ignored

Pulling straight the doubtful sea

Weathed away by simplicity

On one hand an island, stable yet carefree

On the other a mountain, unmoving yet alive

Both have their reasons

That they want the sea to die

Each see it as a hassle

As all middle grounds are

A sea so full of doubt it might as well not be a sea at all

So they each give it gifts of anger




Hoping to pull it closer

Yet destroy it all the same

Both the moutian and the island are wonderful to behold

A creation so lovely

A sight to see

But in their eyes 

The other is the enemy

So they trash the sea aside them

Each feeding into it’s demise

Both unwilling to change their views

As the doubtful sea dries before their eyes.