Don’t call me shorty!

  Ok so this is a strange thing to dislike when it comes to most indi writers but…I freaking HATE short novels.
I hate having to read one complete book that has been turned into four or five different books. All with their very own cliffhanger.
That is not fun at all.
Now I don’t mind short stories. I mean it doesn’t take long to tell a story. Some of my favorite authors are capable of doing just that.
Taking a story and completing it in a few hundred pages. That is the joy of kindle books. I would never buy a book only 100 pages long from the store but I don’t mind getting it from Amazon or something. That being said, if you are going to create a series, don’t do it in the form of just breaking up one book.
Sorry but I am not wasting money on wishes and dreams.
You gotta earn my love yo.

That doesn’t mean I will not attempt to read it or even view it. Just be prepared for one pissed off reading if it ends suddenly.

May ness

Ok so for the Month of May I am going to create my own personal challenge. 
I used to love reading and from time to time I still do. But for the month of may I will be reading and reviewing books. My goal is read and review at least 6 books of various lengths and genres.

Here is a to a good month of reading!!!