Passionate surprise
There is danger in her eyes
Come clean upon the slate
Dying is her fate
She slips into a dream
And starts to demands once remembering

She isn’t suppose to feel
But the dreams make it real
Danger in her eyes
Addicted to her lies
Dying is her only choice
Yet if you listen to her timid voice
You will find
Something sane and yet not so nice.

I like and hate this
But these are my mistakes to bear
Silly how I once believed
That you would always be there
I write to make dreams come true
I write to get over you
I write to protect
To grow
To show
I write because it is the only thing I know.


Standing there you would think he had not a care in the world but in side he was truly dying. His heart was racing faster with each passing glace the people gave him. It was almost as if could taste their contempt and hatred. Their eyes judging him for something he couldn’t help.

They didn’t care, wouldn’t allow themselves too. despite the smirk on his lips he couldn’t have been more terrified. Soft whisper reached his ears, so quiet he could barely make out the words, but oh did he feel it. They wanted his blood on the ground, couldn’t wait for the moment to executioner to pick up his blade and end his life. They prayed upon it with disgusting glee in their eyes.

Oh how he wished he were someone else, wasn’t his fault really, it was instinct after all.