Stories of love are intimidating because they are a constant reminder of what I do not have, what I am afraid to strive for.

I absolutely do not want anything to do with love.

But what is love?

What drives some to want it and makes others despise it?

It is a weakness or a strength?

Honestly, there is no clear answer to these questions.

Love is subjective and prompted to change from one person to the next. There are times when it can give someone the power to overcome all adversary. Yet it also has the power to turns one insane.

Is it safe to assume that it is a neutral feeling considering all that it can do?

This I do not know.

But what I do know is that I do not want it. I do not want to risk my heart in the hands of someone else. I do not think I could handle if it went the way I always it to. While I know that love may surprise me I am just not sure. Maybe this makes me weak but at least I will be weak on my own terms.


12 responses to “A-Absolution

    • It’s all good the link worked just fine. ^-^ and you are absolutly right to some extent. I do believe people are caoable of loving others even though they may not love themselves. Many people do it every day no problem.

  1. Love is always risky Zeanna – real warm comforting love. And I have to agree love yourself first. I suspect you have a loving heart – and having no expectations of it being returned is the first step in the battle. I love the saying ‘only a broken heart can be made whole again’.

  2. All very thought provoking points. Especially your last one. I don’t think it makes you weak, I think it makes you brave in another way. Our culture is OBSESSED with love.
    I don’t know what I truly know about love except to say, I’m working on loving myself first. ❤

    • I live for that last remark. I am also working on loving myself but I find it so hard at times. I can’t focus on it as I should because I am trying so hard to love others with no expectations that it will ne returned. Yet, I do not know what love is. So I do not know if I am even loving the way that I should. It is so interesting how that happens.

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