Theme Reveal

This year I will try to move away from my comfort zone. I tend to talk about some really depressing stuff so this years theme is Love.

Yep, you heard right.

I am going to focus in love and all the gooy lovely dovey I will never have ness that comes with it. No more depressing Jessi (unless the story calls for it) I am a whole new person this month.

What this means is that I will be both reviewing books and writing poems dealing with this topic. Some of the romance books won’t be just pure romance (I need that meaty plot) but I try to make it so every book I read main focus is on romance with other stuff more background. So bring on those devine sweat producing, hand fanning, hallelujah singing romance novels. I got my tea, my blanket, and my unicorn plushy ( property-of-daughter–with-extreme-caution-from-momma)

*Cue confused screaming*

And Scene

22 responses to “Theme Reveal

  1. That’s like looking at the glass as half full rather than half empty!
    Good luck. Looking forward to reading your posts.

    • I am! I have an easier time writing about more depressing topics and current events. While I may end up writing about some heavier stuff it still deals with love.

  2. As a romance writer/reader, I would love to know your take on romance novels. Wish you the best with the A2Z Challenge

    • Exactly!! I am most excited because this is not something I normally do. I write to help me work through my mental stuff so everything usually comes out really depressing. This time I want to still heal but do it more up lifting way. I still may be a bit morbid from time to time but that will not be the overall theme.

  3. I like unicorns.
    I like you, Zeannaroux.
    I like love too.
    And romance stories.
    So I guess your plan works out well for me.

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