Voices leave no choice

By Zoha Lixue

I have waking nightmares.
Voices in my head
People wondering why I am not already dead
They ask me as a favor
To give up before I am able
I can give them all my excuses
But we all know it will be useless
I wasn’t made for this
And they know it
I ignore them
These horrendous voices
I pretend that they aren’t there
Impression in the wind
Hopefully one day they will end
In my head knowing they will one day win.

3 responses to “Voices leave no choice

    • I write as a way to work through many of the struggles I have with bring a single mother who has a mental disorder. It helps calm me and keep me focused sometimes. Other times it is what keeps me from doing something…drastic

      • If you ever need to talk, just contact me. You have a big job as a single mother. I’m a Reiki Master and can send you healing energy at no charge. Life is too short to suffer in any way. ♥️♥️♥️

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