#IWSG Theme Reveal?

Ok so this will be my third year doing this. I know right! Three years of attempting to stay on task and write constantly. I did this to help me get into the habit of writing regularly but…yea…I sort of fail at that. Still third times a charm right…right?

Fucking hell, I am going to fail aren’t I?

So theme reveal. I tend to stick to what I know, which is poetry, but this year I am going to try and change it up a bit. I am not going to stick to a set style but what I will do is try to sit to a set theme. Be it death or loss or …deathly loss. Look I pretty much write death. It is a skill of mine. But by golly I will do something else for a change!

But what?

Not sure.

I will think of that in the coming weeks.

Clicky clicky to go to A-Z challenge page for more details.

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