How to fail


Just give it.

I know! Simple right.


It is actually really difficult to give up. Even as one is preparing to give up there is always something telling them to fight on. Sure we can attempt to ignore this…voice(?) But that is really hard. Some people in this world actually have to fight to give up.

Sure we can make example after example of people who clearly gave up but will we really?

Do you know how long it took that people to say that they had enough?


Sure we have those who never even tried in the first place, but can we honestly say that? Can you really say that at no point in their lives did they try to do or be better. And by better I do not always mean your definition of better. Sometimes it can mean theirs. Because there are people who the world who believe they are doing good but the rest of us are silently shaming them. In their minds they are trying just not in the way we want them to.

So how does one fail?

And in whose eyes are they really failing?

5 responses to “How to fail

  1. I have wanted to give up on things on occasion…and as you mentioned it really bothered me that I was thinking of doing that. That little voice can often be great inspiration.

    • I have suffered from suicidal thoughts since I was about 8 years old. I am now 24, and while I have had attempt, I have never actually succeeded in taking my own life. There is always something…some reason that makes me pull away before I do to much damage. Now I am a mother. I have given up so many times and life and yet I kept on going. To others I may have failed, even to myself I may have failed, but to this little girl I am everything.

      It is funny how others view us different from what we view ourselves. There are people in this world who truly believe we are everything even if we, ourselves, believe we are a huge mistake.

      • I can remember at two of the three times I tried to commit suicide there was a part of me that didn’t want to go. I am not so sure about the last, but I survived it barely, so I am sure deep down there was a will to live other wise I wouldn’t be here today.

        It’s good that your little girl is everything. That is so important in this world.

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