Tattooed across your what? 

So this is a fun story…no really! 

Ok not really. I actually don’t have any cool amazing updates for what has been going on lately. It has all been pretty dull. 

Well as everyone knows I have Bpd. Bpd stands for borderline personality disorder.  Basically it is a messed up disorder that is way to confusing to explain at nearly 3oclock in the morning. 

But I have it and with that I see a therapist. Well my therapist has decided to get another job, my best friend moved away, my family is as toxic as usual, and I have now just started going back to college. 

All in all this is like the worst time to be having a break down but yet here ye lies, breaking the absolute fuck down. 

A constant thing really, that hasn’t quite ended yet despite many hours of Google suggesting that it should have ended months ago. 

It hasn’t and I am losing my mind. 

I know the signs of a break down and they are definitely there. But knowing they are there and actually stopping them do not always work out the way one wants to. 

So this is me trying to piece things together. 

This is my first attempt at being normalish once more. 

My first step back to the twisted sanity that is my mind.

This will be fun. 

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