Can you feel it? 

I can.

I can touch it, grasp it in my hand.

Feel it in my bones to the surface of my very skin.

Does it bother you that I know?

That I can recite it by heart

The pain you feel

The blood you spill

Does it bother you that I know all you are?

I can taste it still

I remember all it was

Can you feel it though?

Or have you already given up?


2 responses to “Can you feel it? 

  1. Your poem would make great lyrics for a metal track: nice and dark and creepy.
    It also makes me think of a show I’m watching on Amazon Prime atm: Falling Water. It’s all about dreams and people invading other people’s dreams.
    Thanks for visiting me at Square Pegs. Good luck with the rest of the challenge.

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