The skin I’m in Part 3

Beauty has always been skin deep

Ignorant to the flesh around me

Simmer so astoundingly

A breathless lie indeed

This is all you see as I try to hide

A fact upon a wooden spoon slapped across a cheek

Don’t worry, your lies was beaten into me

Beautiful is not what you think it is

Earth splayed across my skin

Try to scrub it free

Panic cause I know inside

Beautiful was never skin deep

Forget the lies you tell me

Simmer all in one

Pat the snow unto my flesh and pretend it is my own

Walk with my head to the dust

Copper tones turned to rust

Flakes off doubt begin to seep

Do not bother lying to me

I know where I stand today

Always hated yet in demand

A prize to be won and then forgotten

I know what I am to you

I know that I am bound to lose

Simmered in long-held doubt

I know what my life is truly about

Whether black as tar

Or white as light

I will not matter by the end of the night

My skin is judged

Hated by the abused

And the guilt-ridden oppressors

No matter the color of their skin

In their eyes

I will never fucking win

Open a list of half-baked rules

Slice me to and fro

In the end, it means nothing

Cause my skin is all this world knows.

Whether from friend or foe

I will be judged by this cookie cutter mold

Beauty is skin deep all but me

Because nothing I do will ever please

Fuck this shit don’t lie to me

Say it is all in my head when over

And over

And over

And over again

You cut with me your half-baked lies

Cookie cutter mold never will fit just right

To which method would you to slice?

Mud colored skin never looked so dirty

Against those who said they will always love me

Whether black or white

In the end

No matter what I do.

I will never win.


I am an American who just so happens to have ancestors from Africa. I deal with Racism a lot but not in forms others are willing to talk about.

Because if the way I talk, my interests, the way I dress…everything. I am judged by the world. Black people want nothing to do with me same as other races. They say that we are all brothers and sisters and yet I am excluded because of who I am inside.

My skin plays a big part in how people look at me. They think that I need to act or look a certain way or I can’t belong.

Even people who are open-minded have this lovely mold in place for me. See freedom is a lie. Freedom is basically every living in someone’s version of Harmony.  What it is good for the people as a whole is not always a good thing.

People expect others to step up and live their dream with them but that is not fair. We all have our own ideas of perfect. Freedom isn’t fair…it truly isn’t.  Someone is always going to be left in the dust

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