Heart of gold

I haven’t any idea but I will make it seem like I do.

If you look closely you might be able to understand

See I hold my own fate in my hands

But I don’t think I should have this ability

So I pass it on to those who come to close

Give them control of me and hope that all goes ok

They manhandle me and it will all be ok

I trust in them

I need to

They become my very existence

They become my everything

See cause I don’t know what I should do

So I give my fate to all of you

I treat you with kindness and take your abuse

I deserve it you see

Because you can see the real me

I can’t fathom life without them

I don’t care if my fate is diseased

I can’t be in control of anything

So be gentle

Or be rough

In the end it won’t matter

Cause I don’t know how to give up

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