Wednesday 1




~January 4 Question: What writing rule do you wish you’d never heard?~


Proper grammar has always been a pain. For one I write poetry and if you really wanted someone like me to know proper grammar you should have chosen a different way to teach it to me. (That was a run on sentience)

Why do we try to teach children different writing rules while also making them read works by those who ignored said rules.

Has anyone actually paid attention to Milton?  Dante’s Inferno? Maybe even freaking Sylvia Path??

Ok sure those are not books we read in our young years but I did and they stayed with me. They were the stories that held my attention the best. These people and stories also wrote things they didn’t always require a period.

Or they started a sentience with the wrong words. You are not supposed to start a sentience with “Or”

But I write poems though. Those rules do not apply to my form of writing and yet I was taught them. I was taught basic grammar with my examples being from the most incorrect books ever.

So many writing rules. So little time. I rather so screw it all and write how I feel is right.

Sure it is wrong but I never cared to begin with. I paid attention enough just to barely pass and that’s it.

It is funny because I know this will have a ton of mistakes but to me is makes loads of sense. That is what makes it all unique.

I am sorry for the headache that may come from reading this. Disclaimers go at the beginning…

How did I manage to pass English you ask. I read way to much and annoyed my teachers that’s how.



7 responses to “Wednesday 1

  1. Annoying your teachers was a bonus I’m sure.
    Writing rules have changed over the years, which makes it even more difficult. I learned that head hopping was created in the 80’s by a publishing house. How’s that for messed up?
    Sorry I couldn’t get by sooner, but I want to welcome you to the IWSG!

    • Oh thank you so much and yes it was a highlight. I went to a strange school though. All my teachers were extremely sarcastic with their students. It went both ways actually so it made for some good memories. My favorite being when a football player made a bet with the wrestling coach that he could beat him up in a match. Safe to say the teacher won and the student was out $20 to a fellow student. That all happened in the computer class while we were suppose to be testing lol.

      I still try to follow as many rules as possible but I don’t let it hurt me to much if I can’t

  2. Hi, Zeannaroux! I’m a member of the IWSG who’s visiting fellow member’s posts a little late. I got a chuckle out of your post as a retired elementary teacher who tried to pound proper grammar into my students’ heads. I understand what you are saying, and I’m glad that your experiences in school did not discourage you and keep you from writing poetry. I think that it is critical to write from your heart and in a form that speaks to you. One of the exciting things happening right now is all the ways that people are breaking out of old forms of writing and experimenting with new ones. Happy writing in 2017!

    • Lol thank you. I haven’t the best memory so was not all that good with it came to language arts. I got really good grades but only because I was good at just about everything else aside from grammar and spelling.

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