Blood letting disease 

He can taste it, the blood flowing through her veins ; as though it has already spilled upon his lips. He can feel it, clear as day, her finger nails grazing across his face as she desperately tries to get away. He can hear it, her pleas for release. Her sudden sigh of happiness when he let’s her get a sudden glimpse of freedom before he suddenly takes it away. He can see it all and it hasn’t even started yet. The chase, the capture, the sweet feeling of the kill.

He wants it to last.

He needs it to last.

This time it just has to…
This time he can’t afford any mistakes. He wants to savior it before it all comes to an end. They are gaining the control he is losing. Soon they will upon him and nothing will stop them from ending his very life.

He is not scared though. No he relishes the idea of them finding him. He wants them to discover his secrets. Just not yet, right now he wants to hold one more heart in his hands. He wants to hear those darling pleas he has come to love so much.

He just needs one more chance, once done he will gladly hand over his life.

Just one more touch. One more taste. Once more he wants to witness pretty blue eyes filled with tears.

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