Pleading lies

She looked at me with tears in her eyes. wipped them away and told me goodbye. Told me to visit, whenever I could. I like to believe that deep down inside, she knew I never would.

I always hated to lie to her but I could not stand those tears. So I turned away, pretend smile on my face, and told her, I’ll be by again some day. 

I wonder if she knew I wouldn’t do it. If she was faking to for the sake of things. The past that we shared and the future she hoped I had. 

She just wanted me to be happy.

She cried and tried to hug me.

Wanted me to be happy despite the path I was walking. 

I wish I could see her now. Tell her, “thank you for pretending”, but I won’t. 

I never will. 

I never liked to see her cry, though her tears where always so pretty. 

Still I want to see her and tell her thanks for believing. 

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