Cleaning my closet

She  told me she loved me. I do not believe it was a lie. She may have been mistaken but she truly  believed she loved me. I do not really know  why. 

What is there to love about me? 

What could she see?

What part of me made her never want to leave?

I never bothered to ask her. Though now I wished I did.

Maybe if I cared enough to have ask, she wouldn’t have wound up dead.

Not my fault really; though I didn’t try.
When the wash women cried; I did nothing to save her life.

 I knew it would happen. I was there when it did.

Yet I stood there as events unfolded. 

Stood there until she was dead.

I wonder why she loved me…when I couldn’t love myself . 
Guess this something I will never know.

Since sinners burn in hell . 

I  love writing but there are times I make mistakes. Especially when I am trying out a new style of writing. I wanted this to be a sort of ballad. I regret to say that this is not it. I was never good at paying attention to poetry rules. I like freestlye best. I want to learn though.

So if anybody out there reading this wants to add some feedback. It would help a ton. 

I don’t have a lot of followers now seeing as I still fairly new to this.

 Still, never hurts to ask.

Sidenote: I failed nearly every Grammar test I ever took. If I happened to pass it; it was only because I didn’t bother to study and just winged it. Winging it got me better grades then when I studied. 

So if there are errors know that it is because I tried to go back and edit things. 

Even sider note. I don’t any clue to what writing style this is so feel free to provide links. 

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