Watch me Daddy

It’s cold outside but I don’t care. 

Want to rip out my veins

Drain the blood you hate so much

Would you love me then daddy? 

It’s so very cold outside

Want me to die, daddy

Want me to throw away the life you regret so much

It’s cold outside

But I am burning up

Running from the past

I am always hurting, still

want me to leave, Daddy

Would that make everything ok

Go away to a place where you would never have to see my face

Would that bring a smile to your lips

Would you be able to do all the things I made you miss

Can you stand to see me burn

I threw away a life I never earned

Daddy, I’m not afraid anymore

I know you lied when you said I would always be your baby girl

I can’t sleep. It’s not to late to try though

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