Friends die

I have Borderline Personality Disorder and everyday a friend has died.

Not literally died but figuratively.


It hurts to lose a friend. 

Hurts to watch them love someone else and treat you like it never was

Like you never were

Like everything you have done was nothing

Compared to then, you are nothing 

Emotions change

Scenes fade

Forgive and forget is an overused phrase.

Move past and allow them to leave 

For them to smile

For your old friends to wonder away

Forget what it was like to live for yesterday

I lost a friend today

I will lose more as I age

Everyday I will be forgotten

Left behind by those who were to angry to say goodbye

I lost a friend the other day

They turned and walked away

Cursed my love, my very name

Said that even as time change things will never be the same

Lost a friend years ago

Never meant to last

Left without a backward glance

I lost a friend and will lose many more. 

Because of who I am and who I couldn’t be

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