Blood loss

Death is taking over this world. 

People roaming the streets trying to be heard,

Over the gunshots the riddle the skies

Following down and taking lives

Innocents and victems alike

People are dying 

And yet people are trying

to raise the bar and kill some more

They care not how it looks

Only how the feel

“People better be happy that blacks want justice and not revenge”

And there is someone laying in their own piss and blood

Someone who had loved

Is now dead

Is this your idea of peace

Of walking to protest the lives of those you would otherwise condemn.

A pedophile 

A rapist 

A man 

Killed for the wrong reasons bit still dead

Any other time many would be calling for his head

Wishing he was dead

But now there is an uproar

Now it is a sin

What he did is over turned, no longer matters cause you are one with him.

Sharing in his black skin

Is this all you know of peace

Walking the street and over dead bodies of those who helped you breathe.


Why hate and cry thar reverse racism isn’t a thing

When you go around and killing in races names


 You cry 

You beg

You taunt as they lay

You don’t care

Just want to march another day.

Forget what others say

How privileges reach everyone

Yes there are those who hate you for who you date

For your race

But do you honestly think things will change

When you kill people to reach such fame

Dead and dying

So many crying 

Feast on their tears

It’s what the deserve 

For what their ancestors did. 

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