The skin I am in

I will never be pale.
I will never have eyes that shine with an inner fire.
I will never be pale.
Instead I will be the black of earth, brand new in all I know, taking for granted by those who look different then me.
Who hate me because I am not pure…pale…
Creme colored skin, mocha in tone
No I will never be one of those
Instead I hate and loath them because they are beloved.
I will never be pale
I will be the reminder of where we came from and where we will go
I shall never be the color of snow, ivory skin so beautiful
Instead I will be the mud you wipe away on the daily
Strive to be just like me for a minute but realize how ugly it can be.
To be unclean.
To be the color of dirt to be treated like dirt
By the caramel colored brethren who think they are better than them cause they where born lighter
Cause they where born beautiful while my brown skin is hated
Made fun of one second but then I am told to love.
Told to love as others hate me.
Judge my dark skin and tell me I won’t amount to anything.
I will never be like them
I will never be pale
But instead I will bleed a little darker cause my body is damned
I will…
I will never be loved like them.
I will never be…
No matter how much I wish I was lighter
So I could be a better fighter
Better mother to my daughter
So she won’t be teased cause her mother is to black
Her mother, me, will hold her back
Her mocha skin will get her loved
Praised and pitied by those who are just as brown as me.

15 responses to “The skin I am in

    • It is Sadly something that is said to anyone who has darker skin. Mainly black people by those of other races or just those who have a lighter tone.
      Many in my family have the ideas that because I am darker I will fail.

  1. I might end up writing a an answer to this. I can already feel it in my mind. Might take some time, some polish.

    But here’s the short answer, then followed by a question.

    Life is by the choices made and actions taken, not by the color of one’s hair or skin 😉

    Question: would you mind if I reblog this?

      • I was thinking that as well. I was listening to a girl who was doing slam poetry. She wrote, or well spoke, her poems in this fashion.
        Some lines were shorter than others. The longer ones tended to be louder.
        She might not have wrote it out that way but instead decided to read it that way.
        I liked the style a lot so I have been practicing with it.

      • Yeah, I tend to change up styles often, even have completely different types of posts, like the two that have been posted today. I think it’s a great practice to write outside of your comfort zone. Mine is short story fiction, generally, but I posted more article like stuff today. Just branching out and taking it all in.

      • I haven’t been able to see much of your page yet. Just the last few days or so. I am going to try to get caught up lol. I love your blog posts.

      • Changing styles does get me out of my comfort zone and I question myself a bit more. It’s so fun though! I am going to try to relearn all the popular styles. I tend to freestyle it…I think lol.

      • I like the way my poems flow freely, so they generally don’t need editing. Actuallu, I don’t really edit my short story posts either. The one I will edit and ensure perfection to the best of my abilities on is my novel.

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