I want…what the heck do I want. Do I want to sit in bed and cry.
Or do I want to go on an adventure. The adventure never goes right and staying in bed is a bad idea all on its own.

Outside maybe? Nope, there are people out there.
Maybe I should take a bath. That would require me to move. Yes laying in bed all day is bad..but is it really that bad?

Maybe I can fake it. Force myself to go get something to eat and then take out the trash. I am not hungry though. The trash is full but it can wait another day or two. There are people still aside.
They may hurt me…what if they hurt me…
But..but…I can’t stay in bed…I have to get up and do something.
I am scared though. I am scared to greet the day. I am scared of failing. Scared of winning. I am scared at not knowing.
Bed…yes…my bed is my safe place. ..but…but what if it isn’t.
What if the nightmares come back. What if the whispers start. I have to find another place. I have to find a safer place…

I need to hide. ….but…but where…

I am so scared

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