Friend…a person who is with you till the end but isn’t afraid to leave you if need be.
It is the one word I need to hear more then anything. For someone to call me friend.
For someone to not tell me they love me, but that they care for me enough to try. I rather not listen to the ‘I love you lie’

I have many people I know who care. But it is not enough. I am still missing something. See everyone who cares is far away. I can’t see their faces and know what they say is true. I just want someone to hold me close. To poke my sides when I am sad. To laugh at me and even with me. I can be funny you know. I can be silly. I can be kind. I can be smart.


I just want someone to share it with.
I want a

They don’t need to love me.
Just cherish my company.

Not to tell me they love me, but that one day soon, they could.

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