Yay stuff

I am a winner.

So normally I do not write about books. Mainly because I feel like it would take to much time to rant about a character. You know if a person is going to review a story it is probably going to suck. Can’t say anything nice anymore.

But let me be the first to say.
I both hate and loved this book. This book being..TA-DA
The first book in the Selection Series which you can buy via amazon Here

This book was pretty great. It had a few cliches that all YA novels seem to be filled with this days. Stuck between two guys is fairly common and it is not hard to figure out who will win in the end. Not like that dreaded series I loved and ended up hating. The one that shall not be named….A Shade of Vampire… Darnit!!!
Well I tried.
OK so America. Yes her name is America and this was written by an American.  Way to give our country it’s well deserved hard on especially when you consider that she got that name due to that during the 3 world war. America was getting its butt handed to them. They where overthrown and China took over. So we became the American of China. Or something like that I blocked that part from my memory. Either or during the fourth world War (because as you can see. History repeats itself and Americans still stuggle to sit their asses down.) America defeated China.  So America’s  decided that since America had been through so much she would name her daughter it because is so strong willed.
Which I agree. America is fairly strong willed though she does have her limits. She is weak at all the right moments. Let me take that back, this girl is human. In stories I hate the human types. The ones who do things and you are sitting there yelling at them to stop being so stupid. Yet go back four years or even four months, and you did the same.
She is not so much going through two guys as much as she is getting over the break up with one and finding herself slowing moving on to another. It is pretty nice actually.

Due to this being the first book she is the main focus though I hope that changes. Can’t feel bad for a bunch of people I don’t know.

I enjoy this story because she is so real. When you get broken up with you do become jaded. You become scared and at times weak. If that person comes back into your life, and even though you don’t want them back, there is alway that what if in the back of your mind.
That was a run on sentence.
I don’t know how to fix that…
I just lost my train of thought.


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