OK so pictured above you see the magistic blue footed booby. Known for its blue footed Ness….
Ah boobies…got to love them!

OK so I have a question for all..10..11. Of the people who follow me. Hey the rest of you join in as well.
Question is…Do you hunt?
Do you go out and make a meal out of bambi and little Thumper.  Possibly even Little Foot as well considering what you dig up.

See I don’t mind hunting. I think that it is fine and dandy to go into the wild and bring the family some din din. That being said, I hate people who go out and kill animals just so they can have that perfect selfie that will get them hated by.
Don’t go out and kill Simba if you are not going to eat him. You are wasting resources because you got bored.
Don’t go out and stab an aristocratic cat (you all know who) because you wanted to have a few giggles.

Don’t you dare, don’t you freaking dare go out and chop up spirit (cool point is you know who I mean), because he has a broken leg.

Broken doesn’t equal dead.

Hung for food not sport. If you are not going to eat your catch then let it leave. We would be dead if certain things decided to gorge themselves on human flesh just because they can. Has no one realized how screwed we would be if dogs decided that dry sand isn’t the best meal and wanted to add human to their diet. We would all die within days. Dogs are awesome. If you kill a dog you have already etched a spot for yourself under Satan’s whip and possible found a job opening as his assistant.  That being said.
Don’t be a stupid. Don’t kill unnecessarily.

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