2 responses to “Fickle frack

  1. Bless you, you certainly don’t suck at writing! Grammar is just one of those pesky things – the technical stuff of language. It takes much more than good grammar to be a writer. It takes bravery and creativity and intuition… you have all those in spades from the poetry I’ve read on this challenge!

    I’m not that good at grammar myself and what I do know came from the book Grammar for Dummies! The good news is if it bothers you, grammar is one of those things you can learn if set your mind to it. (It’s dull but I did find all the humour in that book made it less of a chore!) x

    • I should really do that! I am going to go back to college in a few months and would hoping some English courses would help. I just looked through a lot of my work and it bothers me with how many mistakes I can make without knowing it. Sad thing is, I don’t know how to fix some of the mistakes I see!!

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