Everything happens in time.
We live…we die… all happen eventually. So why do people fight it? Why do they live  their  lives hoping that death never comes for them. Hoping that it will pass them by.
What a time to live this lie.
You forget what’s around you.
You’re always hiding…always denying.

Knowing eventually it will come upon us all.
It all comes to pass.


4 responses to “Eventually

  1. Hi Zeannaroux – I urge to take a quick review of the grammar, because other than that this poem is very lovely. (As have all your others been!) This one has a more peaceful note of acceptance which is in keeping with the title and theme.

    (Please delete or not authorise this comment as you like, so that it isn’t on your wall if you don’t want it to be. ) xxx

    • Thanks a ton. I wrote this during my lunch hour and was going to go home and edit it. But thanks for the heads up. If you happen to see anything else please let me know ok. I suggest with grammar. It was one of the main reasons I didn’t do well in any language class I took, including Japanese. So if you spot any errors, please tell me. I will of course keep the comment up because I think it aids with leaning

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