Held down
Forced into a life unwanted
Raised to give things for things unattained
Not my fault,
And yet,
To you it is.
Didn’t want to live this life.
I am forced to, so you can make things right.
Not my wrongs, but still my fault

Let down
Covered in the dreams you once held.
Not my own, never allowed.

Forced to live a life so you have meaning.

What am I?

Who am I?

Just a creature created to fit your design.

I have no face
No hope
No faith

I am nothing without you.


With you it’s all the same.

I am nothing

Damaged goods that was never given a chance.


7 responses to “Damage

  1. Free will is something many take for granted and most don’t realise they don’t actually have. I’m writing a story about a Fallen angel seeking free will actually and he could really relate to this poem!

    Also parents have a lot to answer for regarding this, it’s not necessarily their fault because we all live according to what we understand and believe, but it is a very common thing to project unfulfilled dreams and wishes onto children and live vicariously through them… of course as writers we do the same through creation of fiction…. 😉 My U- post will talk about this in some detail, so if you’re interested, and remember all that far ahead, you should check it out. 🙂

    • Of course ^-^. Thanks for telling me. I look forward to reading your work. Haven’t had much time due to working but on my days off I will be sure to go through and read your previous post.

  2. A powerful poem. It struck me that it starts out with a rather robust stanza (visually), which then breaks down into smaller, more erratic blocks of text, which matches the poem well. Thank you for sharing.

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